The Sims 4

SimGuruKate has taken to Twitter to reveal that there is an upcoming livestream from The Sims team, and this one is a bit unlike any other that we have seen to date.

Bucking the trend of doing livestreams for upcoming packs, this will be used to reveal a new game update that the team has been working on. Better yet, the game update will go live on the same day. The livestream itself should be “about an hour” according to Kate, who has been answering questions on Twitter.

In addition to this, Kate has confirmed that they will share more information about how they are trying to become more transparent with the community with regards to communications. The scheduled date for this livestream is one week from the announcement, and is already one of the ways The Sims team are trying to open communication instead of sharing them last minute!

As expected, Simmers are super excited about the news so they are already taking guesses at what it could be! I personally have no idea what could be announced so I’m counting down the days.

Some of the many things that it will NOT be include create a style, create a world, neighbourhoods/open world, cars and stairs, among many other things.

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