PLEASE NOTE: This is pure speculation based on object descriptions in-game and nothing has been confirmed by EA/Maxis.

Seasons has always been one of my favourite expansions for The Sims franchise. In The Sims 2, it was amazing to be able to experience different weather in-game and activities as they unfolded, and in The Sims 3 this was built upon with festivals and holidays.

Now that we have Pets in The Sims 4, fans have been eagerly requesting Seasons as the next expansion pack for The Sims 4. Due to it’s popularity, there’s no doubt in my mind that this will eventually happen. But the big question is when? Well, we think that there is a chance that it could be the NEXT expansion pack for The Sims 4.

Expansion Packs seem to be a once-a-year thing for The Sims 4, apart from 2015 where we had both Get to Work and Get Together, with Maxis preferring game packs – essentially smaller packs. With this in mind, it’s highly likely the next big expansion for The Sims would come in the Autumn of 2018, perhaps around October or November, much like Get Together, City Living and Cats & Dogs did.

A reader on Twitter, @KimberleyButts, has shared two images with us of object descriptions in the latest game pack, Jungle Adventure, which heavily hints at weather and seasonal things. The Sims team are known for leaving hints and easter eggs for us. For example, references to Pets can be found in previous expansion packs. A hint for toddlers can also be found in The Sims 4 Dine Out game pack.

Check out the object descriptions below and tell us whether you think they could be hints for a Seasons expansion.

If we got Seasons in The Sims 4, then what would you like to see? Is there something you would prefer to see instead?

Keep in mind that this is all speculation, but it’s always fun to think ahead and start imagining what it could look like. Especially while it’s snowing in the UK as of writing this, which desperately makes me want snow in The Sims 4!


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