The Sims 4 Fitness Stuff is arriving on June 20th 2017 and is packed full of new clothing, objects, and gameplay for your fitness-obsessed Sims (or those who just want to look good without the exercise). While Fitness isn’t something that may immediately sound of interest, this pack has a nice selection of modern items which you will be able to use in any of your existing games and marks the return of the rock climbing wall.

As always, The Sims 4 Fitness Stuff retails for £7.99/$9.99, so let’s dig in deeper and see if it’s worth your money.

Create A Sim

Create A Sim offers a variety of new items in both of the masculine and feminine categories for teens/young adults/adults/elders. There is nothing new for toddlers or children in this stuff pack, but I guess that makes sense as you don’t usually see children hitting the gym!

For hairstyles, there’s one brand new one for masculine Sims and four new ones for feminine Sims. One of these hairstyles is shared between both categories, so there’s only four actual new ones in-game. I like the selection of feminine hairstyles, particularly the one which has a variety of different coloured highlights within it, however it would have been nice to see an extra one or two hairstyles for masculine Sims too.

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For clothing, there is a decent selection for both masculine and feminine Sims which is great to see! And there are some items of clothing that I am in love with and will probably end up dressing all of my Sims in, particularly in the masculine category!

There’s new tops, trousers, accessories, and a fancy new pair of trainers too. As always, these have a variety of recolours which you can use to change their look and feel for your Sims.

The majority of these, apart from one or two items, fit nicely with the theme of “Fitness” which is good as sometimes stuff packs can lose their focus and have irrelevant things… just look at Cool Kitchen Stuff to see what I mean.

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Overall, I’m surprisingly happy with the new additions we have in Create A Sim! They’re modern, and while of course they are designed for fitness and working out, you will be able to use some of these for daily outfits with your Sims.

Stylised Rooms

There are three new stylised rooms in The Sims 4 Fitness Stuff Pack, making it quick and easy for you to get started with the new items that the stuff pack has.

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There is a brand new gym stylised room, featuring the new weights machine that your Sims can use to get all muscular and hench. There’s a new bathroom also, featuring a new corner bathtub which I absolutely love… if you watch the video review you’ll see what I mean. Finally, the other stylised room is a modern lounge for your Sims to relax and chill out, and uses a lot of the new obejcts including coffee tables, chairs, wallpaper, and more.

These rooms are pretty sleek and I think I will be using the bathroom when I am quickly making houses for my Sims. You could argue that only one of these relates to the theme of Fitness, which is true, but they are really nice stylised rooms.

Build/Buy Mode

Hands down, this is one of the packs that has the most interested build/buy mode content for the way that I play The Sims. It reminds me a lot of The Sims 3 High End Loft Stuff, as there is a lot of modern objects within this stuff pack which don’t necessarily tie in with the theme of the pack but can be used pretty much anywhere in any game.

I’ve previously mentioned my love for the new corner bathtub, but there are a variety of other new modern objects for almost every room in the house. I wish we saw some new versions of objects, maybe a new punching bag or something like that just to top it off, as the vast majority are just really nice objects.

You can see from the image above that there are new chairs, glass tables (one of which reminds me of one from The Sims 2), a new shower, wallpaper, decorative objects, and some really nice lights too.

In build mode, you can also find two new wallpapers which fit well with these objects and you will find these in use within the stylised rooms.

New Gameplay – Rock Climbing Wall

Now onto the fun part of any new stuff pack in The Sims 4, the new gameplay object! To tie in with the theme of Fitness Stuff, the rock climbing wall has returned. It previously made it’s debut in The Sims 3 Store back in the day.

This wall allows you to develop your Sims’ fitness skills by, of course, climbing up fake rocks. You will see your Sims struggle while they are low skilled, and as they get better they will begin to improve and be able to do more and more things on this object.

To begin with, Sims can climb vertical incline and gentle incline. As they get better, they will be able to do an overhang and even do an endurance challenge climb! I really like this new gameplay object and I think it’ll look great in new gyms that Simmers start to build with this pack, or perhaps all-new venues… rock climbing centre anyone?

Watching it alone is enough to make you feel guilty for not exercising, but it’s good fun to watch your Sims attempt to climb this wall.


A fun addition to this pack is a rip off of Apple’s new “AirPods” which were released earlier this year. In The Sims 4 Fitness Stuff, your Sims can get their own EarBuds to wear!

These are available in a variety of colours and sit nicely in your Sims’ ears. From here, they can listen to all of the different stations in-game on-the-go and also have a little dance if they want to aswell.

Pretty much every colour under the sun is available, and for only $100, who can resist the sweet temptation of the Earbuds?

Overall Thoughts



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