Maxis love to tease The Sims community. Whether that’s small Easter eggs to hint at upcoming additions to the game, something more cryptic on Twitter, or even in the quarterly teasers.

It’s April which means it is time for a new financial quarter at EA, and for us that means it’s time for a new teaser!

Coming sometime over the next three months we have a brand new game pack and stuff pack, so it’s time to get excited!

New Game Pack – Spring 2017

The first thing Maxis has teased is a new game pack focusing around the theme of families/generations. The teaser shows a family of Sims – including toddlers, children, and adults – spending time together and having fun!

This is something that’s long overdue as The Sims 4 has desperately needed more activities for different ages groups to do, and now that we have toddlers it seems like perfect timing!

Family Game Pack

New Stuff Pack – Summer 2017

In addition to the game pack, we have an all-new stuff pack coming our way in the Summer. I’d expect this to be at some point in June.

This stuff pack seems to be focused around the theme of fitness, and what better time than the Summer for your Sims to work on that summer body. Perhaps this will bring new fitness equipment, clothing, and more… but that would just be speculating for now!

We’re super excited to see what the next few months has in store for The Sims 4! Stay tuned to BeyondSims for all the latest news and previews as they become available.