With it now being December, did you ever take a moment and think “I need some more stuff in my Sims 4 game for the holiday season?”. Well, if you did, then Maxis has definitely heard you as The Sims 4 Vintage Glamour Stuff Pack has been released!

Dress Sims in stunning vintage fashions and accessories, then try on make up at the vanity table. Adorn your Sims’ home with high-end furnishing and even hire a butler to fulfil their every need.

Let’s dig in and see if this new stuff pack is as good as it looks on the tin, shall we?

Create A Sim

Channelling vibes from The Sims 2 Glamour Life Stuff and The Sims 3 Roaring Heights, I was expecting a vast wardrobe for our Sims so that they can dress to impress.

The pack offers a small collection of new hairstyles, clothing and accessories inspired by classic Hollywood. The pack offers a variety of masculine and feminine options for your Sims, although it is less than I had anticipated to see in the pack.

The new hairstyles are nice and smart, and I really like the new masculine hairstyle options in particular. The clothing options provided are also rather elegant and will be good for your Sims’ parties (or to go swimming in for your stranger Sims you create). The quantity of items is decent too, as in the past there have been times where there’s been too many CAS items and too little objects, or vice versa. But in Vintage Glamour Stuff, the balance seems right and it is an appropriate pack to include a split of CAS items and build objects.

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Stylised Rooms

There are four new stylised rooms available in build mode, and will help you transform your Sims’ homes into a glamorous abode in minutes. There are two bedrooms, a living room, and a dining room all decked out with new objects, flooring and wallpaper to fit the Vintage Glamour theme.

I can see myself using these quite often, especially the bedrooms as they are very classy and I usually like my Sims living in the lap of luxury! Whether these are useful boil down to whether you utilise the Stylised Rooms feature but I adore it because I’m not very good at thinking of ways to integrate new objects into my existing Sims’ worlds.

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Build/Buy Mode

Build and Buy mode content in this pack is respectable for a stuff pack. There are 37 new objects available in buy mode and there’s also a variety of new wallpapers, among other items, included in the pack.

Let’s take a moment to speak about the wallpapers. They’re gorgeous, colourful, and just pop! I think we’ll see some interesting Vintage rooms created with these and I already have one or two homes in my game that I want to update with these, they’re just that shiny!

The new objects fit well with the theme of the pack, and going back to the balance of CAS/Objects it is nice. Back when we reviewed Cool Kitchen Stuff, I commented that there was too much CAS items and too little kitchen items, whereas it seems that the team has learnt and managed to formulate a compelling offering and balance for packs.

Overall, I like the new objects. Especially the new windows and the fact that they come in three different sizes! There’s plenty of things for pretty much every room and some neat decorations, although I don’t view them a necessities and could probably manage in-game without them.

New Gameplay

One of the new pieces of gameplay in this stuff pack is the Vanity Mirror. This is a brand new object, which comes in two flavours, that your Sims can interact with.

You can now apply make up which will last a finite amount of time, so you can glam your Sims up before they go on a date with that cute guy down the street. I really like this object and it’s something that I don’t believe we’ve had in The Sims since “The Sims” on console back in the Early 2000’s! I distinctly remember a vanity mirror being present in that game when I used to play it on my PS2!

Kids can also have a go with the vanity mirror but prepare for chaos. Kids aren’t too great at applying make up, and things being in the right places is probably as good as it will get. So prepare yourselves for some funny moments when your kids walk about with make up all over their face in the wrong place with horrific colours!

In addition to the vanity mirror, a new TV station is present in-game – the World Culture Network! This is small but it’s always nice to have something like this added.

A Returning Favourite – The Butler NPC

The first thing I did when I got this pack was hire the butler service, and from there on the butler (let’s call him Reginald) was a part of the Goth family in my game.

You can hire one butler per household in The Sims 4 with Vintage Glamour Stuff, which marks the return of an all-time favourite NPC! For $175, plus an additional $12/hour, you can have a butler that lives in your own house. They will need a bed to sleep in, but after that you can create a luxurious space or a basement chamber if you’d rather for them to live in, and you can even lock the door so that only they can access it.

There are a variety of interactions that you can perform with the butler, which include:

    • Management – Fire, Reprimand, Praise
    • Responsibilities – Attending to Minors, Cleaning, Gardening, Repairing (can tell them to stop or do certain things)
    • Visitors – Dismiss All, Ignore Front Door, Invite All Inside
    • Tasks – Attend to Minor, Cook Family Meal, Cook Meal, Cook Party Meal, Play Piano, Play Violin

It’s important to note that you shouldn’t be mean to your butler as it can backfire! Things don’t always go to plan as if they’re angry they could go around and sabotage things, which you may need to reprimand them about or even fire them!

I love the addition of the butler and especially like that it wasn’t included in the recent free game update at the same time as it would have de-valued this pack. The butler is one of the best new gameplay features we have seen in a stuff pack and I feel like it was the perfect pack for him to return in.

Final Thoughts

Check out our review score below and let us know what you think of the stuff pack!



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