I have some very exciting news that I am happy to be able to tell you all! I am heading to San Fransisco, California next week to visit Electronic Arts in Redwood Shores!

I will be there for an event featuring The Sims FreePlay, one of my favourite mobile games in recent years due to the awesome updates they’ve been providing to the community!

Now, I am a bit nervous about the flying. I’ve only ever been on a plane once and it wasn’t a great experience so it’s a bit scary flying 11 hours to America, so any travel tips from any of you well-travelled Simmers would be fantastic! ✈️

Stay tuned for all of the information about my travels and of course for AweSim stuff, and a huge thank you for all of your support as always! I love being able to bring you content for Sims games you enjoy 🙂

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