EA has released their quarterly financial earnings report and within it The Sims 4 and The Sims FreePlay get a mention about how they are doing for the company.

Overall, EA had a very successful financial year on consoles and the app store, as well as Star Wars Battlefront selling over 14 million copies.

Looking back at The Sims franchise, EA noted that The Sims FreePlay reeached 200 million installs to date since it’s launch, which is an amazing achievement.

Furthermore, The Sims 4 player base grew “nearly two-thirds” throughout the fiscal year, suggesting that players are moving over from The Sims 3 or joining The Sims franchise for the very first time!

EA’s net revenue was $4.396 billion, with 55% of that revenue from digital sales.


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John-Phillip Saayman

I haven’t gone over to Sims 4. Too boxed in still. It hasn’t won me over.