RollerCoaster Tycoon World, the next instalment in the RCT franchise, has been causing much excitement amongst fans for a while now. After being passed between developers, delayed from Early 2015, to Late 2015, and now Early 2016, we’ve been waiting for more info.

Well, the team have released some beautiful new screenshots of the game to keep us interested. Check them out!


  1. You should definitely be covering Planet Coaster. I’ve played the beta of RCTW and its… Uhhh…. not great. I know its a beta but the core features like building an actual coaster is really hard. It’s way too hard to get a working coaster that doesn’t fly off the rails and kill everyone. Plus Planet Coaster is actually being made by the people who made RCT 3. Pls cover it Dan. Pls. xoxo gossip girl.

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