The Sims 4 Movie Hangout Stuff is now available and allows you to turn your Sims’ backyards and homes into the perfect place to watch movies. Featuring new CAS items, colourful objects, the new Movie Projector and popcorn at your Sims’ disposal.

As always, the question as to whether it’s worth your money remains. Let’s dig into the latest stuff pack offering and find out.


Create A Sim Items

Create a Sim offers a variety of new objects for both male and female Sims. The pack actually offers more CAS items that I expected from the name and theme, which is a nice surprise. Some of the clothing, especially for the females, is very smart and outgoing. For the men, there’s some nice pieces of clothing for lounging about as you Simflix and chill.

There are also several new hairstyles and accessories, which are always a welcome addition to the CAS catalogue.

Male CAS Items

Female CAS Items

One CAS item I’d have loved to see is a cinema uniform, so that the pack could tie in with Get to Work and businesses. Who wouldn’t want to run their own cinema?

Build/Buy Objects

The Build/Buy objects are where it gets interesting for this stuff pack. When I think of “Movie Hangout”, I think of a cinema experience, indoors with bright red, comfy cinema chairs. This pack defies that vision and goes for a Boho-chic furniture style, similar to a pack we had on The Sims 3 Store.

01-12-16_6:50:44 PM

Don’t get me wrong, the new objects are really nice. They’re bright and colourful, although they don’t fit the theme that I envision for such a stuff pack – but that’s a personal thing.

The pack features new movie projectors to put on the wall or to place on the ground, and allows you to watch a movie. My favourite object has to be the new tree with hanging lights. Place this into your garden at night and you’ve got a fantastic place to hangout, watch movies and enjoy the stars with your Sims.

01-12-16_6:45:25 PM

New Gameplay

The Popcorn Machine introduces new gameplay with this stuff pack. Your Sims can now enjoy servings of popcorn and munch away as they enjoy a movie. This is a nice addition as it’s always nice to have more food in a Sims game, and fits nicely with the theme.

Relating back to the cinema feeling, imagine how cool it’d have been if the popcorn machine was a big stand with an NPC character serving popcorn? That’d have been great, although maybe too much for a stuff pack.

01-12-16_6:44:44 PM

Styled Rooms

There are three fantastic styled rooms with this stuff pack. These will make some fantastic additions to homes if you’re looking for a splash of colour.

Anything Else?

I really dislike when you fast forward gameplay and the TV screen goes all fuzzy. If this was a planned feature, I really hope it’s addressed or made optional. It’s weird.

Final Thoughts

The Sims 4 Movie Hangout Stuff is an interesting pack, and I’m on the fence with my final thoughts. While I like the new CAS items, objects, gameplay and featured rooms, there’s something that’s holding me back from raving about the pack.

From a personal perspective, I wish the team really honed in on a cinema movie-watching experience with our Sims, as it seems odd getting out all of this colourful furniture with the idea of watching movies in the garden. If I want to watch movies on the big screen with friends, it’s at the cinema.

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