The weekend has finally arrived, and for most of us that means a weekend of well-earned Simming!

Here are four things to try in The Sims 4 this weekend, if you haven’t already.

1. Create your own Movie Hangout

Well, The Sims 4 Movie Hangout arrived on Tuesday. Might as well make use of it!

01-12-16_6:45:25 PM

2. WooHoo in a Bush

Mind the thorns.

12-05-15_12:20:09 AM

3. Create your own whacky club

Nothing quite like a group dedicated to cleaning the house until they die of exhaustion.

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 00.11.35

4. Throw a luxury party

Grab a cheeky, chocolatey strawberry.

06-27-15_2-40 PM