Thank Plumbob It’s Friday! Another weekend, another opportunity to spend some time Simming. Go on, you deserve it.

We listed four things you could try in The Sims 4 last week, so this week we’re showcasing three things that you can try in The Sims 3 this weekend.

Let’s take a look!

1. Travel The World!

Why not load up World Adventures and re-explore the wonders of France, Egypt and China? Make some sweet nectar, loot a tomb, and beware of the Mummy.


2. Befriend Plumbots

A rather fun addition to The Sims 3, travel into the future and befriend the plumbots. While you’re at it, say hi to my great, great, great, great grandson.


3. Play with… toddlers

Not my personal favourite, but if you miss them, why not play with the tots this weekend? Teach them to walk, talk, and potty train them all night long!


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