EA are seeking a Creative Director for a new mobile project being created by Maxis at their studio in Redwood City, also where The Sims is developed.

This exciting news firstly confirms that the Maxis team are working on something new and unannounced, after concerns over future games (apart from The Sims PC franchise) when the Maxis Emeryville Studio was closed in March last year.

The creative director will “drive the games vision and contribute to the look and feel”.

Based on the job description, the mobile game will adapt a Free to Play business model, as the applicant requires experience with “F2P design on shipped titles”, so this could potentially be related to an existing IP such as The Sims.

We’re excited to learn more and will keep your updated as news becomes available in the future. If you’re reading this and think you fulfil this role then head over to the EA Careers website!

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