A new patch has arrived for The Sims 4 which brings many fixes, new Star Wars costumes and now allows your aliens to wear anything clothing they like!

What’s on the New side of things?

  • We have replaced the loading screen with a lighter and more lively loading screen.
    • “Going with the loading screen right out of the gate on the notes, huh?”
    • “Yep.”
  • The Bunny Egg Hunt is no longer available in game. Your logs will once again contain no eggs, but frogs. Your mailboxes, the home of drab and eggless bills. And collectible confection creations will no longer be found beneath the weeds of your gardens.
    • All of the object rewards (eggs and bunny) are yours!
    • And, all of the object rewards can be found in the Build catalog (unlocked or behind the hidden objects cheat).
    • Thank you for your participation!
  • Sims can now influence the gender of their offspring!
    • Strawberries and Pop music (one, the other, or both) seem to lead to more baby girls.
    • Carrots and Alternative music seem to lead to more  baby boys.
  • A new “?” icon is available in the Plan a Social Event interface. Hover over it to learn about the requirements that a particular Role has for the event being planned.
  • Some new outfits are in Create a Sim. Open up Styled Looks to quickly find Boba Fett, Darth Maul, and Aayla Secura!
    • And May the 4th be with you!
  • Aliens have adapted to the Sim-ish ways and are now have access to the full Create a Sim catalog!
    • And by full we mean everything except skin details, because they are aliens after all.
  • Continue Reading Patch Notes


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