With Valentines approaching this weekend, The Sims team want you to celebrate… by making your Sims WooHoo as much as possible in The Sims 4.

If the community (combined, not individually, of course) can reach 4 million WooHoo’s then The Sims team will add a new gnome in the free game update coming in March. But even better is that if the community reaches 5 million WooHoo’s in The Sims 4 then they’ll also throw in some “snazzy hair styles”.

So basically… WooHoo = Free Content! Get your Sims to make loooooooove this weekend!

Check out a snippet of the original post on The Sims website below:

This weekend in The Sims 4 is officially WooHoo Weekend! If you can get your Sims to WooHoo 4 million times over the next two days*, we’ll build you a new gnome. You can see the concept drawing for it below! We’ll release this gnome – for free – in a patch in March (yes, that’s confirmation, we will have a patch in March) which will be available for all owners of The Sims 4**. And, if you manage to reach 5 million, we may throw in some snazzy hair styles as well.


It’s not all about WooHoo though. We truly want to see love in The Sims 4 flourish. We want your Sims to kiss, find their soul mate, go on dates, have children, and more. When the event ends, we’ll put all of this data together to share with you so we can all enjoy your accomplishments. I can’t wait!


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