Origin have posted a blog highlighting 5 predictions that SimCity 2000 made about the future… but were any of them right? 😉

The year: 2000
The prediction: Engineers design the world’s first arcology, a massive building that serves as a self-contained city.

In SimCity 2000, $100,000 gets you a giant, self-contained metropolis that 55,000 people can live inside. In real life, that kind of cash might get you a three-bedroom house on the bad side of town. Or a really, really fast car.


The year: 2001
The prediction: Portland, Oregon is annihilated when previously unknown volcanoes erupt in the downtown area.

Technically, this scenario isn’t impossible: Portland does sit on top of an extinct volcanic field called the Boring Lava Field. Thankfully that field has remained, uh, boring to this day. Talk to any modern historian and you’ll discover that Portland was not, in fact, destroyed by volcanic eruptions in 2001.

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