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The entire build mode in The Sims 4 has been revamped, and while those who have played The Sims before will notice some similarities, it’s now so much easier to actually create and customize your Sims’ humble abodes. When building a new house, you no longer have to place individual walls. Instead, you can simply push, pull, and rotate entire rooms out to wherever you’d like them.

Nothing’s locked in to place either, so if you accidentally put a wall where you don’t want it, you can easily adjust it to the perfect position. You can also select three different options for wall height, so with the click of a button your rooms can have nice high walls or short ones. There are a variety of template rooms available to play with in all in different shapes and sizes, or you can create your own.

Watch 10 Minutes of Build Mode Gameplay at IGN

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Im little bit confused. There will be Color Pallet like in The Sims 3? Or just select from few colors on item?…


CAST is no longer present in-game and has been replaced by pre-set patterns. People have been going nuts making their own patterns and styles for Create A Sim already so we may get similar tools for build mode to do this 🙂