The Sims 4: New Screenshot


Check out this new screenshot shared by The Sims Official Facebook of Andre on the toilet with his tablet!



  1. I hope they’ll make it so Sims can use their phones sitting down. So stupid that they get up to receive a text. If they actually can use tablets (and hopefully that means also books/newspapers), it won’t effect the game much since it doesn’t usually take that long. Maybe it’ll be a trait bonus or something. There weren’t enough of those in the Sims 3. They were always so cute and set Sims apart. Like how the “family” Sims in Sims 2 would wait for their family to greet them after they came home from work.

    • With all the multi-tasking that Sims can now do, and since they can sit on the toilet with a tablet, maybe they will be able to do this with a phone 😀

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