Sims 3 Store: Deliciously Indulgent Bakery Review


Learn more about the latest Sims 3 Store set, the Deliciously Indulgent Bakery, in Tazreen’s review!


The Deliciously Indulgent Bakery was released on The Sims 3 Store on 3rd April. For the first time ever, you can create bakeries in The Sims 3. Love how the Store is coming up with new ideas and bringing back some old features. I loved making bakeries in The Sims 2 and I’m glad It’s finally back in The Sims 3. This new content is available on the Store for 1,900 SimPoints and currently not on sale right now. It comes with 2  premium content and 14 Buy/Build Mode objects. No CAS assets are included. The Deliciously Indulgent Bakery is a 30×30 lot and is an absolutely beautiful lot. I admire the person who worked on building and decorating the venue. This lot has an old-town look and classical look of those days. This lot will appear as “Hangout”

There are three buildings and an outdoor area in the back. I love how the venue is made. You can transform this venue to a restaurant or a little shopping area perhaps? You can also the set the venue to a residential lot! Living in bakeries would be crazy! There are lots of things you can do and they are endless. Here are some pictures I took:



















Screenshot-240I hope you all enjoyed seeing the pictures. The first floor usually focuses on bakery, the second floor focuses on baking with the oven and the third floor has a little store room and a little bar on the other side to relax.



Baker’s Bazaar Collection is one of the new premium content included with this set. It’s currently not sold individually. While this may look similar to Savvy Seller’s Collection, there are some differences. If you want to set the door hours for you bakery, you need the Savvy Seller’s to do it. Another difference is that you will no longer get the message that the cashier can’t make it to work and the display needs restocking. They are removed from the displays automatically (it doesn’t happen with the Savvy Seller’s.) It also keeps the food refrigerated and prevents them from spoiling. It also focuses on the recipes you create. Just like I’ve said, this content is a bit like the Savvy Seller’s; you can create the markup with the sale price. There are many ways of restocking. One of them is your Sim have to put in the fridge, place it in the inventory and then place it in the displays. If you want to make profit, you have to own the lot.

You can also sell the food objects with many other past premium content. Here are they:

  • Teppanyaki Grill (Store)
  • Wood Fire Oven (Store)
  • Deep Fryer (Store)

Also, here are some things you should keep in mind. You won’t be able to sell nectar. The lot can’t be run by NPC’s and you can’t also sell ingredients or harvestables.

The objects that come with this PC are:

  • Delightful Dessert Display
  • Rustic Bakery Rack
  • Baker’s Sales Rugs
  • Sweet Nothing Simoleon Register

Here are the objects all arranged in order:





This is another premium content that comes with this set. It is currently not on sale individually. A lot of food item comes with it! Here’s a tip: If you don’t want to bake type testingcheatsenabled true, Shift + Click the oven in Buy Mode, there will be an option that starts with ‘Debug’ and there will be all of the recipes to bake. All you gave to do is click the desired food item and it will appear automatically. If you own Bohemian Fruits & Nuts, Wood Fire Oven, Humble Harvest Stands, The Sims 3 Late Night, World Adventures or Showtime you will be able to bake a lot of goodies! Some of them require higher or lower cooking skill. Here are the recipes:





Deep Dish Cobbler:






Hope it wasn’t too messy! Here are all the things you can bake with this oven. Skill are also given:


    1. Strawberry Pie (Basic Level)  requires harvestables from Bohemian Garden (STORE)
    2. Apple Pie (Basic Level)
    3. Raspberry Pie (Basic Level) requires harvestables from Bohemian Garden (STORE)
    4. Chocolate Pie (Basic Level) requires harvestables from Bohemian Garden (STORE)
    5. Pear Pie (Level 1) requires harvestables from Bohemian Garden
    6. Peach Pie (Level 1) requires harvestables from Bohemian Garden
    7. Orange Pie (Level 2)  requires harvestables from Grandpa’s Grove
    8. Plum Pie(Level 2) requires harvestables from World Adventures
    9. Banana Cream Pie (Level 3) requires harvestables from Showtime
    10. Blueberry Pie (Level 3) requires harvestables from Bohemian Garden
    11. Pecan Pie (Level 4) requires harvestables from Bohemian Garden
    12. Pomegranate Pie (Level 4) requires harvestables from World Adventures
    13. Cherry Pie (Level 5) requires harvestables from World Adventures
    14. Blackberry Pie (Level 6) requires harvestables from Bohemian Garden
    15. Life Fruit Pie (Level 9)

 Deep Dish Cobbler:

  1. Apple Cobbler (Basic Level)
  2. Pear Cobbler (Basic Level) requires harvestables from Bohemian Garden
  3. Lemon Cobbler (Basic Level) requires harvestables from Humble Harvest Stands
  4. Strawberry Cobbler (Basic Level) requires harvestables from Bohemian Garden
  5. Plum Cobbler (Level 1) requires harvestables from World Adventures
  6. Raspberry Cobbler (Level 2) requires harvestables from Bohemian Garden
  7. Cherry Cobbler (Level 4) requires harvestables from World Adventures
  8. Blueberry Cobbler (Level 6) requires harvestables from Bohemian Garden
  9. Plasma Cobbler (Level 8) requires harvestables from Late Night


  1. Birthday Cake (Basic Level)
  2. Wedding Cake (Level 6)


  1. Chocolate Chip Cookies (Basic Level)
  2. Peanut Butter Cookie (Level 1)
  3. Oatmeal Raisin Cookie (Level 3)
  4. Sugar Cookie (Level 5)


  1.  White Bread (Basic Level)
  2. Dinner Roll (Basic Level)
  3. Wheat Bread (Level 2) requires harvestables from Wood Fire Oven
  4. Sourdough (Level 4) requires harvestables from Wood Fire Oven
  5. Rye Bread (Level 6) requires harvestables from Wood Fire Oven
  6. Baguette (Level 8)

Other Desserts:

  1.  Cinnamon Roll (Basic Level)
  2. Cupcakes (Level 4)

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to change the shapes, size or colour of the cake 🙁 I wish we could change it but what really excited me is that finally new cake for birthdays. Tired of the inferno cake! Some new animations are included such as frosting, rolling and tasting. After baking, a new moodlet will appear as shown here:


Such a cute little moodlet! And it lasts for 4 hours


Don’t worry, no Katy Perry Sweet Treats related items come with this set! Most of the objects are used for decoration and includes all the items needed for creating a bakery. To say the truth, I really like the decorations, they are pretty and useful at the same time but don’t you think some Build mode objects would have been nice? Like spiral stairs and bakery doors? I would’ve loved some lamps, new lighting, chairs and tables with an “old-town” look. Howsoever, in short, the objects are nice and fit for bakeries.

*Just an example*

Here’s a bakery I built with this set! The Flying Cow Bakery:





I love how the venue is decorated. The size of the lot is neither too big or small and you can easily place it in any world. As I have mentioned, the lot is good enough to be transformed in to a restaurant or any other shops. As for the price, a discount would have been great. I know the premium content includes a lot of recipies and some little bit of features, but a small discount would have been nice too. I am fully impressed by the Baker’s Station. The fact that you can use the wood fire oven, bohemian fruits and nuts, EPs to unlock the recipies just made me very happy that I bought this set. This one focuses on baked food such as cupcakes, (yum!) cakes, pies, bread etc! I like the Buy/Build mode objects but some other things would have been nice such as door, arches, some flowers, arches, lighting, tables and chairs would have been nice too. Of course we got A LOT from other sets but it doesn’t hurt adding a new one with a bakery look, right? I love this set, it seems like a lot of work went on the premium content and the venue. The Buy/Build mode objects are lovely but most of them are for decor. Have you always wanted baked goods for your game? Have you played with bakeries in The Sims 2 and want them back in The Sims 3? Do you like new recipes to be included? Here are a couple of questions to let you decide. As you’ve read my review, think about the questions and gather some information from the review. This will let you decide.

Thanks for reading my review! Hope it was informative and helped you decide 🙂


  1. Nice review, just a few questions.
    How does the lot “work”? I see you can hire staff to tend the til, does the wage come out of my pocket & where does the revenue go… My pocket?? Do I have to purchase the lot in order to receive revenue from purchases? I wish the store should have been more clear on this issues.

  2. Greetings. When I initially placed the lot, the shelves were fully stocked with baked goods. In game, however, the shelves are empty. How can I get the baked goods back. Thank you.

  3. how do you make your own bakery I tried and they just took the food even with the register set? when I made one at home it allowed me to put the food for sale (something it didn’t do before) but I never had customers?

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