Hello everyone! Today I’m doing a review on the latest set, Prism Art Studio which was released on February 6th. I hope you enjoy the rest of my review! This venue is an art studio and many awesome things are included in this set such as L-shaped stairs and not to mention glass blowing and the Artisan skill. This venue is fantastic or should I say glass-tastic! It mainly focuses on arts and crafts and overall it doesn’t look bad. You can do many things with it. I’m really pleased with the jewelry making and those gnomes made of glass, they are so cute and funny!

The original price of this set is 1,900 SimPoints (It’s on sale until 2/11/14 and sale price is 1,700 SP) Be sure to grab it quickly before the sale is over. You don’t wanna miss this out! There are 7 Buy/Build mode objects and 2 Create-A-Sim objects. A brand new premium content comes with this venue too and you can do three different things with it- make glass sculptures, perfumes and jewelry making. I know less things are included in this venue but the premium content does all the work which sums it up. You can make different types of accessories, glass sculptures and the beautiful stained glass windows and much more! There are total 16 accessories and 11 glass decor stuffs.


This is a 40×40 venue surrounded by three buildings. There’s a park in the middle of it. Each building of the venue is focused on different things such as arts,crafts, glass blowing etc. For example, the left building is focused on arts and crafts and you’ll find the premium content there. The right side building is like an art gallery. The blue building is a nice place to hangout and socialize. The glass stained windows made the venue look very beautiful. I think It will add a nice touch to homes. I can’t wait to see what the community does with all the new crafts and L-shaped stairs! Here are some screenshots, I hope you enjoy:


Artisan’s Glass Blowing and Jewelry Making Station


This is a very exciting premium content! As I have mentioned, you can do tons of things with it and I’m very impressed by its looks and functions. This takes up 4×4 tile square. Seems like it doesn’t take up that much space like the Milkin’ It Dairy Corral! You can create accessories and perfumes and give them as a gift to other Sims too! And Artisan skill comes with it too, I’ve been waiting for a new skill for a long time. The more your Sim improves their Artisan skill, the chances of making better objects will increase.  Here are the things you can do with it:

TS3W 2014-02-07 21-18-57-253

TS3W 2014-02-07 21-18-59-010

TS3W 2014-02-07 21-19-00-374

The animations of it is quite repeated over and over again. First, your sim will get a rod and melt glass in the furnace. Second, your sim will take the melted glass and go over the blue, yellow and magenta boxes. Third, your sim will cool down the rod and stand a bit far away. Fourth, your sim will get a torch to make the object look good. There are some stuff going on between these processes, I’m gonna skip it and get to the main part. Last but not the least, your sim will place it in a cooler and finally you will get the object in your inventory. Here are some screenshots:

Screenshot-72 Screenshot-73 Screenshot-74 Screenshot-75 Screenshot-76 Screenshot-77

Your Sim will also earn some Simoleons.

TS3W 2014-02-07 21-14-30-807

If your Sim fails at making the objects then you will get this moodlet:

TS3W 2014-02-07 21-19-34-282

If your Sim succeeds in creating the object then thumbs up!



There are 5 different kinds of perfume and each of them will give a different feeling to your Sim. They are not enabled in Buy/Build mode. They are listed below:

  • WooHoo Panther Perfume
  • Vanity Perfume
  • Once Forgotten Perfume
  • Amour Perfume
  • Bliss Perfume

Here’s Jake trying out the WooHoo Panther Perfume with happiness but tough luck.


And…..this is what happens


Yep! This evil WooHoo Panther will cause your Sim to throw up anywhere uncontrollably for two hours! I feel sorry for them. This is the moodlet:

TS3W 2014-02-07 21-10-39-360

Vanity Perfume- This will make your Sims more sociable.

TS3W 2014-02-07 21-16-57-489

Once Forgotten Perfume- I personally love this one. If your Sim experience sorrows from someone’s death, this perfume will remove that moodlet and your Sim will be back to normal again.

TS3W 2014-02-07 21-18-04-987

Amour Perfume- If your Sims use this perfume, other Sims will be attracted to your Sim


Bliss Perfume- This perfume will make your Sim happy and cheerful.


Bliss Perfume



Not enabled for Buy/Build mode. When your Sim makes the jewelry, this will go directly into his/hers inventory but If you place it somewhere else (like I placed it in an end table) the jewelry will be placed in a glass box. There are only 3 jewelries that can be worn by both male and female.
The CAS assets are pretty much nice. They fit well with the theme. Although It’s less, I don’t mind. You don’t want to see an outfit made up of glass, do you? (Hey, that would have been pretty cool *hint* *hint Store) There are two outfits total and they are work outfits. The rest of all are accessories. Keep in mind that accessories will always appear in CAS, you don’t have to create them with the jewelry making machine to make it appear in CAS. I don’t like the necklace with the circle thing. Except that, everything looks okay. I wished to see some hairstyles too.
Some of the accessories goes well with the dresses from the Homecoming set!
This time the Buy/Build mode objects really impressed me. I give 5 stars to the L-shaped stairs. Can’t wait to see what the builders in this community do with it! I love the long time anticipated mannequin. That is a nice object if you want to create a store. There are some artistic sculptures and other things that goes well with the Art Studio. I love the new easel that comes with the venue, looks colourful, pretty and creative. My favorite are the glass decors. Every one of those objects are constructed perfectly and I don’t have any complaints for that.  Bravo! The gnomes and the glass divider is my favorite!
I would have liked the price to be atleast 1,500 SP because most of the items came with the premium content. There were only a few main items. The accessories and all the glass decor things sums it up somehow. However, I’m really happy the price is below 2000 SP!! I was scared of the price at first. The venue is very nice. One side focuses on arts & crafts and the other side on decorations! It was clever of the Store team to put them up separately. Putting all the arts, crafts and decorations in one place would have been a buzz. The new premium content is great! I mean you can create 3 things in it! So, no complaints here. The Buy/Build mode objects are just decor. I’m pleased with it because of the glass stained windows and L-shaped stairs (the glass decor have great details.) The accessories are great as well, goes well with the previous sets! There are several things in this set from Glass blowing to perfume making to jewelry making plus L-shaped stairs and a new skill! If you think they are worth the money, go with it. If not, wait for the price to lower down a bit 🙂 Thank you for reading our review!
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Hi, why do your images are so low resolution, low graphic settings, no edge smoothing? You manage a “The Sims” fan site and don’t have a pc that can handle the game in the right way?
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