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Today I’m reviewing the first Store set of 2014 here on BeyondSims. I can’t wait to show you all the things. I hope you all had a great New Year and Christmas! This set is filled with amazing items and I hope you enjoy the rest of my review!

The original price of this set is 1,900 Simpoints. It’s on sale right now (1,700 SimPoints) and will end on 1/7/14 so be sure to get the set before the sale ends because there are so many things in this set and there are Create-A-Sim assets for teens too which made many many players happy. For the first time ever at the Store, there are new accessories included with this set which I find pretty interesting! I have never seen accessories in Store sets before but well, there’s a first time for everything! There are 42 items included with this set and mostly all of them are CAS assets. The accessories look much different than other expansion packs or stuff packs. The dresses are so pretty and sparkly!

As far as I have seen, there are a lot of bright colours in this set. The dresses are colourful and desgines beautifully. I’m glad there’s items for teens as most of the Store sets have less items for teens! I’m also happy that the accessories are usable by teens too. You can also recolour the dresses in any way you want. Most of them have different colour channels and and gives a smooth texture which I find amazing, you can recolour the stones and pretty much everything.  It’s great that the CAS assets can be set to everyday and that the Store added the same stuff for teens and young adult/adult

There’s a jersey for male and female and have the same colour, black.  There’s also a T-Shirt tuxedo for male which I find a bit funny but It’s a great addition to the set. and comes with different designs. There are no swimwear and I don’t think they would be appropriate for a prom theme set.

It’s great that there are three outfits for children and they are school uniforms. I think it was lovely to add them and It will look realistic if they wear that to school! Almost all of the outfits are set for Everyday and Formal. Jerseys are enabled for Athletic and Sleepwear. as most of the outfits are enabled as Everyday wear, It would look kind of odd if female Sims wear prom dress as their Everyday wear but some of the dresses are really pretty and are suitable for Everyday wear! As this set contains only CAS assets, the last part of the review is only the Create-A-Sim Assets, hope you enjoy seeing them!



The theme of this set is prom which I found very nice. Some say the price of this set is expensive but the price is fine to me because there are 42 items for Create-A-Sim in total. they also included many accessories which sums it up. Apart from that, I think It would have been nice if they lowered the price a little as it is the first set of 2014!  I’m happy that they included outfits and dresses for teens as it was lacking. It was nice that there are same dresses and accessories for both teens and young adult/adult but I hoped for some separate stuff for teens and adults. I love that you can recolour almost every part of the dresses and the designs are beautiful. I am also impressed to see that there are school uniforms for children, very creative to add!  I’m not a fan of the Tuxedo T-Shirt, I was shocked to see that item lol but It goes well with the set. So impressed to see a great Store set in the beginning of 2014! I hope we see a bright future on The Sims 3 Store (I’m sure we will!) Have a great day and thanks for reading our review!

Here are just my Sims enjoying the night in Bridgeport wearing their new dresses and tuxedos!

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Hi! I just bought one of the dresses by itself and I couldn’t find it in CAS. If you have any words of wisdom that would be great. My Launcher says it is installed.