New Site Design Launched


Welcome back to the all-new and improved Beyond Sims website! We hope you like our new design and we can’t wait to take you into this year. It’s going to be extremely exciting with new content planned for the website, SimCity content and the release of The Sims 4 in the Autumn!

Our new site design is clean, responsive and works on any device so you can enjoy our content anywhere you are! With our new site design, comes some important changes that I want to tell you about.

We have moved to an all-new server which was the perfect opportunity to clean up the site and as a result we have delete all user accounts from the system. 51,000+ members were on our system and the majority of them were spam accounts. We’ve recently disabled registration as you do not need to be registered to post a comment, you just enter your details and away you go!

Secondly – ‘Other Games’ has been removed from the site navigation. This included links to Spore, DarkSpore, MySims and SimAnimals. The content is still available on the website but unfortunately WordPress Custom Menus cant cope with all of our links. 🙁

I hope you enjoy using the new website! Let me know what you think in the comments!

– Dan



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