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Welcome to my first world review on Beyond Sims! Today I’m here to review a brand new store world released on the 12th December 2013. This world is surrounded by beautiful skyscrapers and it looks the best at night. I’m glad we got a city world from the Store. This world is a mix of Art Decor and city which matches perfectly. I think Roaring Heights is my favourite Store world so far. I hope you enjoy the rest of my review!

A video overview created by Dan (Spon1Player) will also be available on the Beyond Sims YouTube channel soon. This post will be updated once it’s online!

I’m dividing this review into 7 parts:

  • The World + Information
  • Rabbitholes
  • Premium Content
  • The Boardwalk Venue and Rollercoasters
  • CAS Assets
  • Buy/Build Mode Assets
  • Overall Thoughts

First of all, I’m going to show you all the world and provide some information about it.


I think the inspiration of the world came from many different cities like Miami and New York City.  This world has the 20’s and 30’s feel. What I like the most about Roaring Heights that it looks similar to Bridgeport but not that much. Almost half of Bridgeport is covered in skyscrapers but in Roaring Heights, it is a mixture of both city and country which I like. The description of Roaring Heights is:

Welcome to a city where bold shapes, rich colors, and lavish looks rule the skyline! The residents of Roaring Heights are living in the fast lane in this booming place filled with striking skyscrapers and bustling beaches. Whether you’re content to hang out on the piers, work your way to the top, or host glamorous parties at home, there’s a place for every lifestyle in Roaring Heights. With endless opportunities at your front door, which new life will you choose in Roaring Heights?

This world doesn’t have the theme like Bridgeport (going to clubs,bars,lounges etc.) Your Sim can enjoy the beautiful, sparkling beach and the gorgeous view of skyscrapers or they just live somewhere far away; it’s your choice! Bridgeport was only about partying but in Roaring Heights your sims can do many awesome things so the advantages are great. The design of this world is great. I can describe this world in three words – retro, vintage and elegant. The Store added so much content into Roaring Heights that it’s bursting with awesomeness!

The world comes with 105 Buy/Build Mode objects and 28 CAS assets so total there are 133 objects! It is sold via SimPoint bundle. The Standard edition includes the world and 100 SimPoints and the price is $20. The Gold edition includes the world, 1900 SimPoints and Boardwalk Attire and the price of the gold edition is $35. If you wish to get some extra SimPoints, go with the gold version but if you have enough SimPoints then buying the standard version is fine. Here are some screenshots of the gorgeous world:


My favorite part of Roaring Heights is the rabbitholes! Almost all of them are skyscrapers and this give the world a city feel. They look the best during night when it snows! I love how they brighten the whole world. My favorite is the City Hall and the graveyard. You might be thinking that it’s kind of silly to like a graveyard but if you scroll down, you can see an amazing place (graveyard) surrounded by trees,shrubs,flowers etc! You can see the pictures of the rabbitholes below:

Premium Content

 Classically Cool Fixer-upper Car


Roaring Heights includes a new premium content called the Classically Cool Fixer-upper Car. You can finally open car doors and play music in the car. However, this won’t be possible in other cars. Your Sim have to work on the car in order to make it work, it doesn’t look good when you place it but after some maintenance your Sim can get this scrap car purring like a kitten! The first time you use this objects,you’ll get five options. They are shown below:


After the work is complete, you’ll get more some more awesome option like this:


The Turn on Radio option is normal, it plays music like a stereo and you can change the channels. the differences between the radio and stereo is that in stereo you can skip to the next song and change the volume but in a radio you can’t do that.

The Rev Engine option is pretty simple too. It has your Sim turn on the engine and hope for it to work


Work on Car Body interaction lets your Sim improve the looks of the car and it also improves the handiness skill


The Work on Car Engine increases your Sim’s handiness skill and to work on the car’s engine. It takes a long time to work on the engine. I found it very tedious.

The dance interaction, you know how it is but I’m still showing.


Here’s an interesting fact: While John was dancing (My Sim) a meteor fell over him and the University mascot was strutting happily!

After your Sim has worked on the car body, the Wax option will be unlocked and you can change it to any colour you want!


WooHoo interaction looks like this! WooHooing in the car is finally back!


I’m not showing the other interactions, you can see it yourself! 😉


There are some new moodlets included with this premium content



Unreliable Engine- When the engine is not working properly



Purrs Like a Lion- The engine is working properly and there’s no dysfunction


Starry-eyed- When you Sim is star gazing in the car


Second Gear- this moodlet will appear when your Sims are cuddling in the car


Fifth Gear- This moodlet will appear when you Sims are WooHooing in the car.

I love all the features of this premium content. I’m glad that they added the romantic interactions and the car door can be finally opened. Another thing I found awesome is that you Sim can turn on the radio and go anywhere they please. I wish the other vehicles worked like this! Hopefully in the future! This premium content goes very well with this world.

The Boardwalk Venue and Rollercoasters

I always wanted an amusement park theme venue in The Sims 3. I’m glad that the Store finally made this venue! Also there are rollercoasters and it’s a great content added to the world. Players can now make their own rollercoasters! I can’t wait to see how simmers make their own rollercoasters. Keep in mind that it is a boardwalk and not an amusement park but you can also create your own amusement park if you desire! I love the colour combination of this venue, the blue and off-white colour of the rollercoaster goes very nice! It just reminds me of cream, I don’t know why.. This is a 64 x 64 lot. There are not only rollercoasters; there is a cafe and an arcade too. I’m pretty sure the roller coaster took a LOT of work and it is done beautifully! Here are some screenshots to show you how it looks:


Included with the Boardwalk Venue is the Sky High Roller Coaster Cart and Roller Coaster Track Pieces. This rollercoaster is not sold individually and If you want something totally different in your game, I say go and buy the venue! This rollercoaster is not only a single content, there are tracks and you can do so much with it! You can create your very own rollercoaster. These are the track pieces:


You can also see this picture. This one is provided by SimGuruCopeland on Twitter:


I’m glad we got the rollercoaster! We also got rollercoaster in The Sims 1 but this one is more enjoyable. There are 22 track pieces. The coaster comes in three themes- 1) Horror 2) Thriller 3) Wonder. Each of the theme gives your Sims different moodlets and reactions.

The first one is Horrow, the second one is Wonder and the third one is Thriller.

See the differences? They are awesome! Please note that I’m not providing a tutorial to create a rollercoaster but awesome SimGuruCopeland published a blog about it a few days ago! Just follow the instructions and you’ll be good to go!! I hope you don’t mind me of not providing a tutorial <3

Build/Buy Objects included with the Boardwalk Venue

Create A Sim Assets


Overall Thoughts

Roaring Heights is totally worth the money. This world is different than any other Store world. Your Sim can live in the downtown or by the beach. You can also use the skyscrapers from Late Night and turn this world into a sparkling city that never sleeps! I’m thinking of doing this, it would look truly wonderful because the skyscrapers of Late Night has a strong lighting effect which I observed. The retro,vintage,art decor, glitz and glam transformed the world into pure awesomeness. This isn’t a boring world at all! The new premium content, the car goes well with Roaring Heights but it takes so long to fix the car. Other than that, I love the features added to it. I always have some complaints for the Buy/Build Mode items but this time I don’t have any! I was stoked to see these amazing items, especially the new well decor, neon light tubes and the skylight!! The CAS assets are okay I guess. I liked the female hairs and outfits but some of the male outfits didn’t please me. Score- 9.5/10

I’ve been waiting for a city world with skyscrapers for SOOO long! Seeing that Roaring Heights is a mix of Art Decor and city it just makes me happy!  Thank you the Store team for making this world! <3

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