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See, in The Sims 4, emotions are everything. If a Sim is feeling grouchy, they will carry themselves like a grouch, complete with a slumped gait and a mopey expression. Their interactions will become grumpy, and other Sims will probably find them to be a bit of a buzzkill. When a Sim is happy though, the opposite is true. InThe Sims 4, you can be in 15 different emotional states, as well as individual gradations (“kind of sad” to “outright pissed,” for example).

Right now, the biggest challenge for longtime Sims developer Maxis is tuning the emotions so the Sims don’t come off as bipolar. With so many ways to trigger a new emotional state, it’s easy to end up with Sims who descend from crazy highs to insane lows in record time. Maxis’ goal is to ensure that the emotional states come off as natural – a delicate process.