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Since you’re interested in Into The Future, I’m guessing that you’d like to know about how your Sims can get to the future? Well, you’re going to find out in this preview!

Upon moving into your new home, a time portal will land on your lot and out will appear Emit Relevart. This is a new character in the game and is a time traveller from, you guessed it, the future! Before you can go into the future with him, you will have to help him and collect five power cells that get scattered around your home lot.

From this time portal you can trigger alternate futures in Oasis Landing, the new world. These include Utopian and Dystopian, but during my hands-on time I left it in the normal state.

Once you end up in the future, you’ll have the opportunity to complete tasks for Emit. These are optional and remind me of gameplay from World Adventures. These get you to explore the new futuristic world and I recommend completing at least several of them when you arrive. I particularly enjoyed trying out the jet packs which you get upon arrival!

Check out the video below to see everything I’ve spoke about!