New DLC for SimCity is available in certain territories and features the Red Cross. 80% of what you pay will be given to the Red Cross charity, which is an excellent idea!

The UK version features the British Red Cross and costs £7.99. This will be available for purchase for one year, but you’ll still be able to use it in-game after that time period.

In your city’s time of need, the Red Cross is there

It’s almost inevitable that a natural disaster will strike your city. When it does, trust in the British Red Cross to provide relief. Prepare your city for a disaster with a Red Cross Relief Center. With this building in your city, the Red Cross will respond to natural disasters by setting up disaster relief tents, providing shelter and food to your city’s Sims. Be prepared with the Relief Center when a twister, comes through, the Big One hits or a rock from space hurtles toward your city.

Red Cross Relief Center: In your city’s time of need, the Red Cross is there. With a Red Cross Relief Center in your city, your Sims will be prepared and able to respond to the inevitable disasters.
Red Cross Tents: With a Red Cross Relief Center in your city, disaster relief tents will spring up around your city to provide shelter, supplies and assistance to your city’s residents.
Red Cross Vehicles: These vehicles will travel around your city making sure your populace is prepared. In the event of a natural disaster, these vehicles will assist in the response and help to get your city back on its feet.

Check out the set on Origin (UK)



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