The Official Magazine of The Sims 3 Spain, has posted 10 bullet point facts for The Sims 4 in their latest magazine issue. Included in the facts posted, The Sims 3 Spain confirms that Facial and Head Hair will grow gradually over time. They also confirm that “wind” will allow hair and clothing to sway, which I believe would give it a more realistic touch.

Rincon Del Simmerwho found this new info, was kind enough to properly translate the article for us. Check out all the tid bits below!

1- There will be right-handed Sims… ¡but there will also be left-handed Sims!

2- The Sims 4 will work better in low-end machines than The Sims 3.

3- With the passage of time, hair and beard will grow.

4- The wind will make the Sims’ hair and clothing move.

5- With the Create a Sim feature, you will be able to change the feet size.

6- Pregnant Sims will have unique emotions that no one else will experience.

7- There will be three voice types for men and women.

8- There won’t be Wishes, but little goals for Sims to accomplish and gain awesome rewards.

9- Every life cycle will have a special emotion only for Sims in it.

10- Sims won’t die randomly anymore, like by a meteor strike or a lightning. They will die only by things done by the player.9735328951_fb7ba64196_nSource: SimsVIP and RiconDelSimmer

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Misty D. Dady

Some of this is terrible news. It doesn’t sound like it’s going to be an easy go of it for hair and clothing creators. Will sims die by fire and drowning at least?