At the beginning of June we put up a poll asking when you were going to purchase Island Paradise. Let’s find out what you all said!

When are you going to purchase TS3 Island Paradise?

Once it drops in price (32%, 222 Votes)
I’ve already pre-ordered (28%, 192 Votes)
On the day of release (20%, 140 Votes)
I won’t purchase this expansion (20%, 132 Votes).

It looks like most of you could be holding out on a great expansion! If you’re still undecided on Island Paradise then be sure to check out our information page and our preview of the game.

We’ve got a new poll up now and this time it relates to The Sims 4, so be sure to cast your vote!

Will you be watching The Sims 4 reveal at Gamescom?

They’re revealing The Sims 4?!