recently had an interview with developer Ryan Vaughan. Ryan Vaughan told that there will be an In-Game Content Sharing System to share your creations in-game with other Simmers. Ryan confirmed that it won’t be like The Sims 3 where you share your creations via the Exchange on, with The Sims 4 Creations will be available right in-game for you to download.
It does not sound like a bad idea to me but I really do want to know more about this whole In-Game Sharing System. What are your thoughts?

“Maxis is integrating a digital platform into The Sims 4 that will allow players to upload and share content with other users, the developer has told

Talking about the idea of developing a platform similar to Diablo 3’s Auction House within The Sims 4, where players could share – and possibly even sell – their designs and lots, producer Ryan Vaughan revealed that it was “definitely” part of Maxis’ plans.

“Unfortunately we’re not going into too much detail on the sharing right now, but we are working on a way to bring all of that community, all of that sharing and connecting with people across the world into the game.

“In The Sims 3, you were doing a lot of it through the Sims website – you could upload creations and stuff. We’re bringing all of that and making the experience in the game so people are able to connect with other people and grab somebody else’s house and try it out in their own lot. We have a lot more detail to get into in the next few months but it’s definitely a big part of what we’re working on.”
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