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Games with the coolest movie motives!

Bring with The Sims ™ 3 Movie Accessories all the glitz and glamor of Hollywood right to your Sims home! Create a venue for unique stories inspired by iconic film genres decoration, furniture and clothing with distinctive designs.Tell stories of masked protectors and cowboys (or cowgirls) with a wide variety of objects, such as a creepy crypt bed or a bulky hat, and get inspired in the Wild West you to invent bizarre horror stories. Outfit your Sims as screen legends from the city and make their dream factory.

The Sims 3 Movie Accessories is on 12 September 2013 appear in German shops.

Western Epic

Clothing – It’s time to raise some new clothes. Leggings with fringe, cool jackets and ornate Victorian dresses give your Sims appearance, as if they were directly in a dusty western saloon.

Decoration – Hire the house of your Sims the typical western flair! Classic furniture like a wooden dressing table and a cozy rocking chair miss the world your Sims the harsh Western style.


Comic blockbuster

Clothes – Whether you create a masked do-gooder or a torn Mega Villains – your Sim is skintight in a row, unbeatable costumes, such as the mighty and mysterious Super justice Lama look absolutely fantastic!

Decoration – Create with sculptures and decorations that are inspired by the biggest superhero movies, a shelter, which is a masked hero or his nemesis justice. Your Sims can then relax in their new cell phone shower from the rigors of her secret identity!

Horror features

Clothes – Scare the neighbors of your Sims with playful horror costumes. The gothic clothing includes a selection of dark colors like black and purple and detailed embellishments such as embroidery and striking many holes and cracks.The perfect look for a fresh appearance as the grave sprung.

Deco – Your Sims are afraid … but with style! You’ll have awful lot of fun to equip their homes with Sims cheeky horror decoration like the nightmarish bookshelf, the spider web door and jars of unidentifiable contents.


New hairstyles, hats and helmets – Do not miss the film outfit your Sims with a variety of wacky headgear and hairstyles the finishing touches. With headdress like the winged helmet, an expertly intertwined gothic hairstyle or a ghostly bridal veil your Sim is perfectly prepared for the close-up.

Thanks to iSims.de for the assets!