The upcoming time travel expansion pack has now received a name, as discovered by SimsDomination.

On EA’s Legal Notice webpage, it says ‘The Sims 3 Into The Future Expansion Pack’. It’s pretty safe to say that this will be the name of the time travel expansion, coming later this year!


  1. Grah, I want more info NOW! LOL!

    But I suppose they won’t be giving us much more than this until Island Paradise has been out for a month or two. That’s how it usually goes.

  2. Actually, who found this information was the web site O Sim BR. SimsDomination just got the information from this site. The source is incorrect.

  3. @Guilherme; I only saw it on their Twitter, which was my source for the news, so I sourced SimsDomination (never read any news articles, just a link). I will update the post later today.

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