We missed posting this yesterday, but fear not as we’ve got the breakdown here! The latest venue from the Sims 3 Store is named for the triangular skylight pieces that make up most of the structure (think Sticks and Stones Greenhouse 2.0).

Did you hear the old joke about the two swans that walk into a dance bar? No? That’s ok, it’s not very funny. But if you’re looking for real entertainment and creative expression, then check out the Skylight Studio for the Performing Arts! The lush, open skylights will let your Sim’s star shine bright in the night sky.

The venue comes with two premium content items, the first:

Dance Equipment

It doesn’t matter if your Sim is practicing to be the most beautiful swan or smustling the night away, the Light as a Feather Ballet Barre and Stiff as a Board Dance Floor has all you need. Warm up and exercise while learning all of your favorite ballet moves from Sims 2. Then take those moves to the enhanced dance floor to perform a ballet dance recital, chicken dance, line dance the smustle or build a friendship while dancing with a partner.

  • Dance like no one is watching on the Stiff as a Board Dance Floor or gracefully get into shape and slim down that waist using the Light as a Feather Ballet Barre!
  • Children are able to begin their dancing early in life and learn ballet moves.
  • Train other Sims and give them the workout of their lives.
  • Earn new Moodlets! Your Sim will have to work hard and exercise to become an Elegant Swan or take it easy and casually work up a sweat to become Glistening.
  • Work on your Dance skill with a classic Ballet routine, fun for all ages Chicken dance, the famous Mascot dance, the everlasting Smustle, and the laid back Club dance.
  • Break the ice and ask to Dance with a Partner to show off your moves.

The second:

  • You can shower…in public!
  • All the benefits of a private shower are included.


I think the sneak peeks had some people going.. but it’s always good to remember that things are never what the appear in those shots! The price is 1900 SimPoints, but for a limited time (until 07/05/13) you can pick up the collection for 1700 Sim Points.


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