For all of those who were getting ready for SimCity on Mac to be released on June 11th, I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed. Senior Producer, Kip Katsarelis, has said in a blog post that it has been delayed until August 2013 as the product is not “ready for primetime”.

Hi, Mayors – today we are announcing that we are moving the release date of the Mac version of SimCity to August. We have made this tough decision because we do not believe it is ready for primetime yet. We want to ensure the Mac is a great experience for our players and that is why we are taking more time.

As a thanks for your support, Maxis are extending the launch park availability to the Mac release so you’ll all be able to launch llama balloons!

I can only view this as a positive thing as SimCity received a lot of backlash due to it’s poor launch in March. This delay will ensure that Maxis delivers a stable, quality product for Mac users. Until then, you can always use bootcamp to dual boot or software such as Parallels.

We’ll be sure to keep you up to date about SimCity for Mac right here on BeyondSims.