Just a reminder to those of you in the US and Canada, the North American Origin Store is having a rather large sale (in advance of Steam’s sale no less) that includes The Sims 3 titles (base game for 9.99$), and a good chunk of the present SimCity titles.

As a matter of fact, if you grabbed the standard version of SimCity when it launched, now is a pretty decent time to pick up the Digital Deluxe Upgrade Pack.. normally it is 20.00$, but until the 19th you can get it for 14.00$. If you’ve any interest at all in any of the city packs, I’d suggest picking up the upgrade pack. For the price of two of the single city packs you can get all three! My favourite part of the city packs are the Double Decker buses that come with the British set.. they ferry double the amount of sims around your city for the same footprint! Everything that has come out so far is on sale, except for the newer Amusement Park DLC.

Speaking of deals, if you’ve got some holes in your Sims 3 Store World Collection, now is a pretty good time to pay a visit as well. Barnacle Bay, Hidden Springs, and Monte Vista are all on sale for 9.99$. Best part is that the new World Bundle pack is also on sale for 9.99$, so if you’re missing both Hidden Springs and Monte Vista pick that up instead so you get the most bang for your buck! There are also a lot of other titles on sale like the Mass Effect Series and Dragon Age to name a few… and a whole lot of DLC. The sale runs until June 19th, so you’ve still got some time left.