Here’s an interesting story for Origin users like myself. EA has announced today that they will be shirting the focus of Origin from being a retail outlet to a service for games and gamers. Huh? Here’s what EA’s Executive Vice President said about changing coming by next year. “Making that download better, making that install better, making that automatic patching better. Making that friends presence better, making the various game services better. That’s what you’re going to see from us over the next year, which is really re-establish Origin as a service to gamers, not as a means to drive transactions.” Sounds to me like they’re trying to make Origin more user-friendly. If that’s the case, I could definitely see them adding the ability to gift games and content to other users via Origin, which would be awesome! Might also mean that they’ll start listening to us gamers when we suggest a game or series to add, such as The Sims 1. That’s what I’m hoping for..


When Electronic Arts reorganized a couple of months ago, it gave EVP Andrew Wilson the task of managing Origin to add to his responsibilities as head of EA Sports. Electronic Arts re-branded its combination of the EA Store and the EA Download Manager as Origin in 2011. Origin has grown tremendously, and in the process has had to deal with creating a support structure able to handle the current and future customer bases; there was a lot of plumbing to do early on. The system is now supporting over 40 million customers. Where does Origin go from here? What mission has Andrew Wilson been given for Origin? GamesIndustry International sat down with Wilson at E3 to talk about the Origin service and how it will evolve.

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