Did they like it? Kinda find out below and then fully after the jump.


Ocean life is the theme of this expansion and your Sims can now live in a huge new world called Isla Paradiso. This neighborhood not only comes with new homes, families, and community lots to visit, but because it is made up of lots of different islands, it also serves to highlight the game’s new aquatic features. Boats, for example, not only serve as an alternative commuting tool for your Sims, but they also open up recreational activities like sailing and speed-boating, which are great diversions to your daily grind. As you play and explore your surroundings, you’ll even be able to discover new islands and unlock new lots to inhabit or visit. Though you can use all of the expansion’s new features on any of the previously released neighborhoods, Isla Paradiso lets you have so much fun that you may never want to move anywhere else.


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