In a blog posting on the official EA Website, the company has openly laid out it’s plans to celebrate LGBT Month in June to show it’s support for its gamers and employees. Following an event held in March highlighting LGBT issues in videogames, EA will be continuing it’s conversation about LGBT inclusion in the videogame industry, ‘the state of hate in videogames’, and authenticity. During the month of June, which is widely recognized in different countries as the official LGBT Month, they will be flying Pride flags at their Redwood Shores headquarters.

Each month at our headquarters in Redwood Shores we rotate the flags we fly to represent the different countries where we reside; but this June, in celebration of what the Pride festivals represent, we will fly the rainbow flag to not only raise awareness and show our support for the LGBT community, but more so, in our desire to work and live in a society with equality.

This year the company also plans to continue to walk in Pride Parades from Seattle and San Francsico as they have done in previous years. They’ve also expanded their scope to include other cities such as Los Angeles, Stockholm, Vancouver, Austin and Orlando.

You can read more about their plans here.