As we reported back on Monday, The Sims 3 Social accounts have/will be all amalgamated into simply ‘The Sims’ in the coming weeks.

Writing about operating a “one-stop destination for all things related to The Sims”, SimGuruPopTart promises that the change will be talked about more in the future, and as of right now there is no action to be taken.

In regards to page-less Twitter accounts, the only one mentioned is that @TheSims3 will be shifting to @TheSims.

When we originally posted that something odd was happening to the social sites (Facebook specifically), a reader posted some images in response on our own Page that showed that his languages’ Pages were also changing. This leads one to understand that it isn’t just the English Socials that are changing.

What’s interesting to me is that in the merger they’ve included older titles such as The Sims Medieval and The Sims Social, as well as those from previous generations entirely like The Sims 2. The Sims 4 is also affected. It’s nice to know that older games that still have a following aren’t being left out in the cold as it were. I think it’s a great idea for news sites like our own because it trims down the number of sources that we will have to monitor in order to make sure our readers have a steady stream of information to digest. However, as our own theblackscorpion mentioned in conversation, that means that there is a lot less room for people to voice their complaints/questions/etc on the Social Sites affected.

On a random sidenote, it was also mentioned that along with cleaning out their social community sites, storage rooms full of swag have seemingly also been pilfered, and that giveaways will be happening in the Forums and Twitter over the next little while! We will bring more news as it’s made public.