Back in March, a Reddit user claimed to have cracked some game code for SimCity and had found some different instances of new DLC packs that would eventually come out. There is a LONG list of code to be read, and I mean long. The basic gist of it is that there are going to be a bunch of different packs to be unveiled at certain times in the future supposedly. Here is the list:

Roman Casino

Coal Strip Mine

RoboTank Disaster


Military Ops

Army Base


Military Navy

Amusement Park

Nissan Electric Cars

Red Cross


Crime Lord/The Mob

Jail stuff

You can read the full code HERE. While it isn’t unusual (especially in The Sims/SimCity) community to have things like this come up, I would like to say to take these with a grain of salt. It’s still neat to think how the game would be able to grow with each addition though, and if you look at the list we’ve already got the Amusement Park and Nissan Electric Cars (remembering that this list and the reddit post came in March, before they were announced).

A reminder as well that SimCity launches for Mac June 11th, and that those with the PC version will be able to pick it up for free. The next SimCity Update is expected after then.