Wanna know how to recover from Nuclear Fallout? Maxis’ SimCity Balance Designer Ross Treyz tell you how in a new blog!

At first, things went really well. I set up my processor factory, added more assembly lines, and then used the profits to buy a second factory and even more assembly lines. I wasn’t too worried about pollution, even though I was starting to feel the effects. I just kept planting trees and watching them die, hoping one day they would clean up this mess I was making.

At some point, I switched over from buying more processor factories to buying consumer electronics factories for making TVs. Of course, I was making so many exports that the basic trade depots started having trouble getting all my goods out of the city in a timely fashion. I was already running my budget in the red, so if there were any hiccups in getting my goods out it could have been disastrous for me. So I put down a Trade HQ and started to level that up along with my Electronics HQ. Getting the electronics storage lots for the trade ports really made a difference for me. I went crazy and built multiple trade ports on both sides of my city so that I could import and export goods by both boat and rail.