For only $9.99 USD you can add a ton of fun to your city/region! The NEW Amusement Park DLC is now available on Origin! You can read the developer blog posting here for specifics, but basically it seems to add a bit of Roller Coaster Tycoon, or in this case, Sim Theme Park.


Park Entrances: Three entrances to choose from: Funshine Park Entrance, Wheels of Wonder Park Entrance and Thrilland Park Entrance.
Classic Amusement Park Rides: both young and young at heart Sims will enjoy classics like the Ferris Wheel, Carousel and Swings Ride.
Vehicle Rides: speed demons and imaginary astronauts alike will find rides to enjoy with the Mini-Train Station, Go-Kart Speedway and Astro-Twirl Rocket Ride.
Thrill Rides: please the thrill-seekers with the Bigfoot Roller Coaster, Dizzy Drop Tower or Bluebeard’s Pirate Ship.