Remember those Sims 4 Concepts which we posted a few weeks back? Well, we’ve been tweeted by Zachary Lindelof who has told us that The Sims 4 was prototyped for online gameplay.

Patrick Kelly, who had the concepts on his portfolio, has said on his LinkedIn profile that he worked on two potential online versions of The Sims 4.

My most recent project for The Sims Label (2011 – 2012) involved creating detailed Flash mockups exploring game play and UI designs for two potential online versions of The Sims 4 (The Sims Olympus and The Sims Icarus).

EA has confirmed that The Sims 4 is an offline, single-player experience. However, they did say there will be some online features which they haven’t spoke about yet – could we get something more than social features?

Let us know what you think.