How helpful are SimGuruGraham and SimGuruMike for supplying the sizes of both the Houseboat hulls and the Rabbithole Resort Towers ahead of release? Gives builders a chance to plan out how to start these really neat additions to our gameplay! I think the best part is each thread was created by community simmers, and the Gurus just popped by to help out!

First up is the houseboats. At a quick glance these seem rather small compared to our lovely Legacy Lots, however it should be mentioned that Island Paradise includes the ability to have multiple lots as home lots, so I guess these should be considered Summer Homes on the sea or something like that 🙂

Here are the different sizes you’ll get to work with… Remember, on a houseboat you’ll be able to build walls all the way to the edge of the boat. If you want to be able to go fishing off your boat, you’ll need to leave an open space somewhere along the edge of the hull that’s at least 3 tiles long and 2 tiles deep.

Barge, Small – 10×8
Barge, Medium – 15×10
Barge, Large – 20×15
Barge, Narrow – 14×6
Curved Bow, Narrow – 14×6
Curved Bow, Wide – 12×8

Get building!

Then the Resort Tower Rabbitholes. Remember that these small-size plopables are the only Rabbithole needed for the resort, the rest is all up to your building skills. They are sort of like the crappy rooms in a hotel, and hold a lot of other functions (like the mentioned staff quarters).

Here are the footprint sizes for the resort towers.

Small Beach Tower = 4×8
Beach Tower = 13×8
Spanish Style = 9×29
Modern Style = 16×22

Your employees will be coming out of these towers so you just have to make sure the entrances/exits are not blocked.

In case you were interested I was able to completely enclose the small beach tower into a 4×11 square build/buy room that still allowed for proper routing.

Each tower style will have 3-preset colors. Unfortunately you will not be able to use create-a-style on them.

I hope this helps you out.