have posted their preview of The Sims 3 Island Paradise. Check it out below and remember that there is still something you want to know, then be sure to ask us here.

With the Sims 3 recently announced to be standing politely aside for a fourth iteration next year, the release of expansion packs certainly hasn’t slowed down, with EA causing a buzz back in January with the announcement of not only the recently released University Life, but a very ambitious looking expansion, Sims 3 Island Paradise.  This pack, due to hit store shelves in June, is centred around island life in all its lazy, hedonistic glory, as the Sims team jerk back the cover from a new world, Isla Paradiso.  Rather than being just a regular holiday resort, the team have endeavoured to provide a little something for everyone, from managing resorts and building them into five star holiday destinations, to slacking off on the beach and exploring – both on and under the water. As expected, we had a few questions and Ryan Vaughan, Lead Producer was happy to answer them.

Island Paradise, for the first time in the Simverse, has given players a rather more unique world with Isla Paradiso in the form of a series of islands, big and small, to discover, inhabit, and explore, rather than one hulking landmass.  This instantly plays into some of the expansion’s key features – namely ocean travel and exploration – which should act as a good counterbalance to the more hands-on resort management aspect.  The islands that make up the world aren’t automatically viewable – indeed, many will have to be discovered by exploring the ocean waves in one of the game’s new means of transport: boats.  However, if you discover one of the new fogged out islands, it’s yours, becoming a private lot.

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