SimsMexeiRu has posted the leaked Dragon Valley trailer on their Youtube page, with the release date of May 30th appearing at the end. This world is like Monte Vista in that it won’t be available to be purchased with simpoints, but will be through a simpoint bundle with some extras leftover. Are you ready to play with Baby Dragons? According to SimGuruTaterTot’s Twitter feed, Dragon Valley will also be great for gardening sims, so there must be an influx of harvestables to be planted as well.

Coming soon to the Sims 3 Store, and in Stores worldwide.

Hi all! We can’t say much yet, but I will answer the first and biggest question on the minds of many:

Is this going to be a world purchaseable for simpoints or real cash?

This up and coming world will not be purchaseable for simpoints, similar to The Sims 3 Monte Vista

Look out for more information in the coming weeks!



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