A Glitch allowed some people to purchase Dragon Valley weeks before it’s actual release date, but while they’ve disabled that particular function the Store Page for the world has been left up.

I’m actually really digging the changes that they have made to the page over older store worlds, including a nice little table detailing everything that is included in each edition. This would most likely be due to the confusion that happened when Monte Vista launched. This world, like the aformentioned one, will be available for purchase only through Simpoint bundles with one bundle being priced higher than the other to leave room to pick up the still unknown venue (ala Al Fresco Street Market).

For comparison’s sake, see the Monte Vista breakdown below. I much prefer a nice little Origin-esque table than text, no?

The Sims 3™ Monte Vista can be purchased as a part of the exclusive Monte Vista SimPoint Bundle. In this bundle you will receive:

The Sims 3™ Monte Vista world

  • Wood Fire Oven Premium Item
  • 100 SimPoints

A $35 Simpoint Bundle is available! Includes 1900 Simpoints + Monte Vista!

Normally, I find it hard to see how a World fits into what the Store has previously released. But looking at the “Related Content” tab for Dragon Valley, I can see that I personally have picked up quite a bit of what matches during Store Sales (like last year’s Cyber Monday one), so if I pick it up my Sims won’t be as fishoutofwater as they were in Monte Vista 🙂

Finally, I leave you with the backstory and price. I like how the Dragons have actually pretty much destroyed the world and that they’re in this post-apocalyptic recovery mode (according to one half of the town). With elvish sims this world seems a little more fleshed out than the likes of Riverview at least!

Open Your Eyes!

You all walk around with dragons on your arms as pets. But don’t you see? We’re just recovering; we’ve finally rebuilt after the original Dragons ravaged our land.

The O’Connells “land” in our world with their way of taming dragons and we’ve been following them ever since! When it was we Mithrilens that used to keep the town safe!”

Don’t let them pull the wool over your eyes.  Just look at the dragons. They are supposed to be “babies” but each one does something more dastardly than the last!

This will only end in misery.  Let me help you.  The Mithrilen family knows our ways, our traditions, and our bond with the land.  Let me guide you to safety, before it’s too late.

Mithrilen for Mayor
Before it’s too late.

Standard Bundle:


For the SimPoint Bundle

Gold Bundle:


For the SimPoint Bundle