SeeMyu, otherwise known as Simul8rReviews, was an author last year when this website was known as SimPrograms. I am incredibly excited to announce to all of you that he will become a teen author later this month as he publishes his first novel, Sleep!

Scheduled to be released on April 20th 2013, the book will follow Jonah Skyi – who has been blind since the age of fourteen – as he discovers a strange connection to his past and makes an irreversible deal with a spirit.

Sleep – Blurb:

Jonah Skyi has been blind since the age of fourteen. While helping his friends complete a film project, he discovers a strange connection to his past. Once he makes a irreversible deal with a spirit, who claims to be a Guardian Angel, to reinstate his vision, an underhand ultimatum is forced upon him unknowingly. He soon finds himself thrown into a game of life, mystery, secrets, and death between rebellious Guardian Angels known as, “The Spectators,” and others that have found themselves in the same predicament. In the meantime, the connections from his past begin to piece themselves together.

Forced into a world of tangled lies, Jonah must decipher between reality and his dreams. But Jonah has something that is unique-something that would be considered an act of insurgence. Little does he know, this is the beginning of something that should have never been tampered with. Secrets are unraveling the past to unveil an ancient secret brotherhood like no other, and he might just hold the key for their eternity.

If you’re a fan of young adult and/or fantasy novels, then this book may grab your interest. So be sure to check it out here on Goodreads where you can learn more.