I had recently been considering creating an editor position at BeyondSims, which would make a member of our team directly in charge of the news on the site along with myself. I went ahead with creating this position and offered the role to MapleSim, and he accepted!

MapleSim is now the editor at BeyondSims. Regular readers will have got to know him by now. This will allow myself and him to work together on the news we provide on the site. He will be directly in-charge of the news team ensuring we provide you accurate and high quality content within a reasonable time.

Some of the things MapleSim will now be in charge of will be:

  • Managing our site authors with myself.
  • Overseeing what content is popular with readers, what isn’t so popular, and what people want to see.
  • Editing and approving content when required.
  • Work on bringing new content to the website for you to enjoy.

This is very exciting for us, and will allow us to improve our news stories and also focus on bringing new things to the site – such as our plans to bring back downloads!

Thanks for your support and for reading our news 🙂