I was doing some research this morning as I turned on my computer, and I stumbled across this posting on this SimCity blog back in February (Wow I can’t believe it’s March already!). They’ve answered this one question a lot during the daily livecasts (http://letsallbemayor.com/en/event/burn-some-coal is today’s), so I thought there might still be some people having trouble finding the information šŸ™‚

(And graphics are way nicer, even if it is mostly text)

Along with that…

I had a question for you simmers and mayors out there; How many of you are planning on picking up either SimCity or The Sims 3 University next week? I’ve pre-ordered both myself (I’m a sucker for bonuses), but I know a lot of you don’t enjoy Origin, or would rather wait until they go on sale.. etc.

I’ve personally got a conundrum, which to play first? They both come out on Tuesday for me, which means a whole week of eye strain! Give me some feedback!