EDIT: NEW CONTENT–This Week’s New Store Set Preview


What do we think? Is this a new Wedding Set? It’s been a while since they’ve done a new one… and I really like the Vest-Outfit and the “Bridesmaid” Dresses. Looks really Grecian, which is something they haven’t done much of.

SimGuruTaterTot has a habit of releasing a couple breadcrumbs leading up to Release Thursdays, so you may want to check the thread and read along with the comments:)

EDIT: New photos uploaded!

Definitely looks like we are getting a couple of new arches! I would really like if the “wedding” arches at the top of the structure are in fact real-functional wedding arches, because they look cool! It’d be neat if they were actually able to be used in walls as well because that could lead to some really beautiful machinima weddings! Maybe used to look out from a church into a greenhouse of trees?

Kudos to whomever takes the screens for the store (if it’s SimGuruTaterTot herself, or SimGuruCopeland, or someone else), as they seem to be getting more artistic as they go!



  1. WANTED TO EDIT.. but figured I’d start the conversation lol, but does it look like the columns may be the bottom of a new wedding arch? If you look closely at the top of the left column, right to where it gets cut off on the side, the column bit continues up like if it were cut off on a ’round’. Thoughts?

  2. The columns look a bit too tall to be a wedding arch to me. However, if you’re suggesting that there should actually be one that is a real stone arch, I agree. It would be nice to have an wedding arch which is an actual architectural piece and which could be built into a church as an archway under which Sims could get married.

  3. I wonder if there’s a Mod to allow structural arches work as Wedding Arches? I don’t do too many weddings personally (which is funny because in real life I’m an event planner), but I know a lot of simmers are of the thought that you can never have too many WA!


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