Rincon Del Simmer has noticed a decorative item in The Sims 3 University Life, which is a sculpture of a branched plumbob. Translated, it’s called “The Way Ahead/Towards The Future”. This can be found at the School of Art entrance.

The description is what really had him intrigued the most, which is mysterious.

This unique sculpture is a work of art students in their last year donated to the University for the institution Sim expose proudly. participating students were forbidden to disclose what inspired them to create something so baffling. All I said was that they thought it was a sign of upcoming events.

Summary of the object:

  • Puzzling plumbob design.
  • Symbol of “upcoming events”.
  • Origin is “secret of the art students”.

So, what do you think? Is this an easter egg for the upcoming futuristic expansion? More than likely. Or is it once of the first clues for The Sims 4? I believe this is possible as I have a feeling The Sims 4 will be announced this year.

Thanks to Lucas for telling us about this!